EQ, Applied

The Real-World Guide to Emotional Intelligence



Since it was first popularized over 20 years ago, the concept of emotional intelligence has greatly influenced the way we think about emotions and human behavior. But as the world has evolved, so has our understanding of this fascinating concept. Meanwhile, the need for emotional intelligence has only intensified. 

In this book, I use groundbreaking research, modern examples, and personal stories to illustrate just how emotional intelligence works in the real world. I also provide a practical set of tools that help you learn to make emotions work for you, instead of against you.

For example, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Transform your strongest emotions from a destructive force to a power for good
  • Use knowledge about the brain and the way it works to help shape your emotional habits
  • Get the most out of the feedback you receive—whether positive or negative
  • Deliver feedback in a way that others are likely to benefit from
  • Use empathy to help you (and keep it from hurting you) 
  • Cultivate and maintain deeper, more meaningful relationships
  • Protect yourself from those who want to use the principles of influence to harm or manipulate you and others

Authentic. Balanced. Practical: "EQ, Applied" is the real-world approach to emotional intelligence you've been searching for. (Launching in Spring 2018)