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From Theory to Practice: What Real-World Emotional Intelligence Looks Like

Learn why emotional intelligence doesn't always look the way you imagine, beginning with one of the most famous business stories of all time--examined from a completely different angle.


Under Control: Training and Honing Your Emotional Abilities

Discover how you can control your emotional reactions, and see how one of the most uplifting events of the past decade brings this ability to life.


Creatures of Habit: How Thoughts and Habits Affect the Emotional Experience

Using groundbreaking research, tested methodology, and my own personal story, I'll teach you how to break bad habits and escape your own "emotional hijacks."

Diamonds in the Rough: Why You Should Treat All Feedback as a Gift

See how some of the most successful people learn to get the most out of feedback--and how you can do the same.


The Truth About Empathy: The Good, the Bad, and the Misunderstood

Not all empathy is created equal. Learn why this quality is a foundation of emotional intelligence, but also why it must be kept in balance.



The Power of Influence: How Emotional Connection Breaks Down Barriers and Changes Minds

See the power of emotional influence--illustrated through powerful stories about the FBI's former lead kidnap investigator, a famous singer, and more real-life examples.

Building Bridges: Cultivating Deeper, Healthier, More Loyal Relationships

Learn what years of research has to teach you about building stronger connections with your colleagues, family, and friends.


The Dark Side: From Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde

If there's one thing history (and recent events) have taught us, it's that emotional intelligence can be used for evil. This chapter will demonstrate how, and more importantly, teach you how to protect yourself.


Moving Forward: Embracing the Emotional Journey

This conclusion draws all the previous lessons together--and shows you how to continue developing emotional intelligence.


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